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Digital Scrapbooking: Jacaranda Kit

The WITH COMPLEMENTS Jacaranda Digital Scrapbooking Kit includes 29 digital papers, 46 grouped embellishments, 9 overlays and 4 alphastencils. The Jacaranda Kit is 240MB zipped and is sold for personal and commercial use, with provisos.

Papers feature beautiful photography and inventive custom design elements which will make your scrapbooking look spectacular. Papers include a colour palette bar below the margin line to make matching and complementing a breeze. Embellishments and fonts are grouped by type so that you can see accessory options at a glance and save on menu space. You'll love having full sets loadable without having to scroll for more, and single clips are available on request. Overlays make use of transparency to add texture and pop to your pages. Alphastencils are sets of 3D letter embellishments and/or plain stencil overlays, in custom-created fonts.

All elements are supplied as .png files in a zipped folder, and are compatible with a wide range of digital scrapbooking and desktop publishing software.

With Complements is brought to you by Beckon Creative.

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